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Beauty Treatments

Treat yourself to our Beauty Treatments... You deserve it!


 Manicures & Pedicures 

At BeautyOnDeck, we offer exceptional manicures and pedicures that will leave your hands and feet feeling revitalized.


Our experienced technicians provide a range of services including nail shaping, cuticle care, and polish application. Sit back, relax!



Manicure: £25.00

Pedicure: £35.00

Shape & Polish: £12.00 

Eyebrow Hair Removal


Achieve the perfect eyebrow look with our Eyebrow Treatment service.


Our skilled technicians are proficient in Lamination, Wax & Shape and tinting techniques to help you achieve your desired look.


We take pride in ourselves on a unique approach, which prioritizes the needs of our clients and the quality of our services.



Tint & Shape: £25.00

Brow Lamination: £30.00

Wax & Shape: £20.00

Eyelash Extension


Enhance the natural beauty of your eyes with our Eyelash Tinting and Lift treatments.


Our skilled technicians use the latest techniques and highest-quality products to give your lashes a stunning lift and tint.


You'll leave feeling confident and beautiful, with lashes that last for weeks.



Tint and Lift £25.00

Tinting £10.00

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